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Below Is A Instructional Video On How To Use Your Dog Wash Trailers

Time: 24min 35sec

The Video Above Shows The Operation Of A Full Electric Trailer Running On Two Power Circuits. Please note your trailer will be the same or similar, we are always upgrading.

Please note trailers are now been updated, the power locations had been moved for effency also the clear water bath operate exactly same as the hydrobaths the only differences overall look the bath.

If You Got Any Questions, You Can Email Us on

“Below Is the Operation of Hydralux Hydro Bath. Please watch it to full to understand how to operate the bath.

Time: 7min 21sec

“Below is the operation of Savel Hydrobaths, If you have a Savel Hydrobaths in your trailer.”

Time: 6min 44sec

In regards to your trailer, for warranty and after-sales support, please email and cc

Please note, below’s the operation manual for the Camec hot water unit that we use in our dog wash trailers.

The same units are used in dog wash trailers with different manufacturers.

Please be aware that the unit is designed to heat up to 40 degrees. The digital controller says 55, but the unit will only heat to 40, maybe slightly over.