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Now You Can Get Started With Industry Leading Dog Grooming Training Course

Done hands-on in small groups with a groomer of 35 years’ experience

Have you been looking for a new dog wash trailer but need some intensive training to get started?

2 week face-to-face hands on grooming course – only $3,990 + GST (or around $10 per week on finance).

If you’re unsure about grooming or not 100% confident to start on your own but on the other hand you don’t want to invest in a franchise, this course may be for you.  Run independently, but exclusive for purchasers of our XL Premium dog wash trailers.

Designed, taught and constantly updated by a 35 year veteran of the grooming industry, you know you’re in very good hands to give your business the best start.

Run regularly with small groups of just 2 to 3 people so you get maximum one-on-one guidance, you can join the program in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

Covering A-Z of grooming from operating your trailer, to getting customers, running your business and much more.

It’s not uncommon for groomers to earn from $500 to $1000 or more per day; the demand is huge and now you can pair the right trailer package with the right knowledge.

Here is just some of what’s covered:

Running Your Business

  • Making money from the 1st day
  • What to charge
  • When to schedule
  • How to book yourself out in the first 90 days of your business
  • Insurance, eftpos, taxes etc. 
  • Keeping records
  • Staying focused
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Managing difficult clients
  • Networking and managing your online advertising 
  • And much more

Working Safely In The Trailer

  • Where to buy all provisions wholesale 
  • What products to use 
  • Maintenance of tools 
  • How to maintain the trailer
  • How to stay safe while driving and working within the trailer
  • The pros and cons of working alone
  • Getting dogs in and out of the trailer safely
  • Stocking a first aid kit 
  • And much more


  • Basic washing
  • Knowing when to clip and when to de-mat
  • Clipping all coat types
  • Shaving a matted dog 
  • Wet shaving a matted dog 
  • Deshedding and carding 
  • Hand stripping the terrier coat
  • Brushing correctly and safely
  • Combing and taking the coat
  • How to use guard combs 
  • Hygiene trimming
  • Face trimming and ear cleaning 
  • Foot trimming and nail cutting 
  • What style for what breed; how to determine a suitable style 
  • Understanding the tools and how to use them safely
  • Maintaining and sharpening of tools and equipment 
  • Where to get blades and scissors sharpened and how much to pay
  • Scissoring and finishing skills like a pro
  • Managing fleas ticks and parasites 
  • Selling parasite products for profit 
  • Compassionate grooming 
  • Caring for seniors and fragile pets 
  • Dog behaviour and how to manage aggression or fearful pets
  • Grooming the fearful or anxious pet
  • Basic first aid for pets 
  • Avoiding accidents and managing them if they happen

This could be the key to you getting the income you desire and working the hours you’d like in your own grooming business.  If you’re interested in the course, it can be financed along with your XL Premium dog wash trailer and you will work direct with the company providing the grooming course.