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NEW!  Fully Self Contained Mobile Dog Grooming Truck From $109,990+GST Or Around $549 Per Week On Finance – PLUS You Only Need A Car Licence!

Introducing Australia’s most cost-effective, easy-to-operate dog wash truck – makes your life easy

Have you been looking to upgrade your grooming trailer to save time, get home earlier and make more $$?


Perhaps you’re a current dog wash business owner and looking to upgrade, or maybe you’re brand new to the dog wash business and are just looking for an easy-to-operate clean truck that will allow you to make maximum dollars and do maximum grooms and maximum clients’ dogs in minimum time.

Congratulations, you’re in the right place.

Does this sound familiar? You’re sick of the old fiberglass designed dog trailers, sick of hard to clean dog wash trailers that just aren’t really doing what you want them to do, sick of dog wash trailers with difficult access areas, sick of dog wash trailers that are too hot in summer and too cold in winter, that are not properly insulated, then the Dog Wash Trailer King Maxi Dog Wash Truck might be just perfect for you.

Register above or below to take a full detailed video tour and be sure to scroll down as well to check out the range of features as part of our premium and standard dog wash trucks.

Standard Truck Inclusions:

  • Fully insulated body– this means it’s cool in summer and warm in winter, perfect for all environments
  • Platinum core insulation – NOT cool room panel 5 times as expensive and 10 time more effective with 50 mm super dense platinum core insulation
  • Shade-producing awning door– don’t get burnt on hot days or wet when it rains. This door protects you in all weather elements
  • Easy to wash and clean – makes life easy for you
  • One piece panel construction – each panel is one piece, this means no nooks and cranny’s and other locations for dog hair to stick stinking out your truck
  • Twin electric grooming table– easy to adjust to suit each dog
  • 500 litre water tank– this tanks caries extra water in case you need it and it holds heated water
  • Premium hydro bath– for the jobs where you can’t access with your truck, this feature makes you faster, more efficient.
  • Reversing camera – this allows you to see when parking
  • Gas hot water system – designed for mobile use this will fill your tanks up with hot water 
  • Water inlets to truck– this allows you to feed directly to the tank
  • Electric pump to feed hydrobath from water tank
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel cabinet system– this means you can store items easily while driving without having to worry about them falling out
  • Removable bath door– if you feel you ever want to take it off you can quickly and easily do it
  • Easy fold down bath shelf for smaller dogs– this prevents you having to lean over on awkward angles and saves your back.
  • Easy to open windows on left and right– designed for cross ventilation
  • Based on Mitsubishi Fuso – drive it on a car licence nice and easy
  • First aid kit– in case of injuries you have what you need on hand
  • Fire extinguisher– this is just in case, but better to be safe than sorry
  • Modern slimline LED lighting– LED lights inside for super lighting of the entire internal area of the truck
  • Dual system 2-speed blower dryer – easy to access location, adjustable speed to do the jobs you need
  • 6 power outlets– close to all the items you need, all weather proof
  • Alloy checker plate floor – safe and rust-free
  • Easy access step system– makes life easy for you and the dogs you are grooming
  • Approx. Weight 3900kg – drive it on a car licence
  • Ability for two people to work comfortably – this means you can speed up with a offsider get more done and make more in less time
  • Compact Overall size – about the same size of a car this means you can park it pretty much any where
  • And much, much more….

Standard Total price $109,990 + GST or around $549 per week


Premium Dog Wash Trailer King Maxi Truck Features:

  • Same base features and specifications as above
  • 2400w remote control Gree Air Conditioner – stay super cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Easy slide open rear cabinet – this allows you to easily access your tools massive storage lot of room for towels etc get everything out of your cabin
  • Front mounted Stainless steel wall cabinets – means you can store small items for when you need them
  • Stainless steel floor cabinet system – located inside your door give you access for storage towels and other items you need
  • Stainless steel shampoo holder near your bath – means you can easily access items you need to use in day to day operation
  • Yamaha Generator, fully working and mounted – this makes you off grid and will run your entire truck
  • Fully sign written with your branding; use your design or we will design to your needs – we will even give you the working files when done so you can use for your other marketing

Premium Total price $119,990 + GST or around $599 per week

Please note: The finance is via a broker; the criteria for applicants is that you need to be a permanent resident or citizen, and either working PAYG, or have had income on an ABN either as a sole trader or through your company.  Unfortunately Centrelink and Disability Pension do not qualify for finance.

Time: 15min 46sec

XL Premium Dog Wash Truck Dimensions:

Working area: 3.9 x 2.1 m
Overall height without air conditioning 3000 mm; add 260mm for air conditioning add approx. 1.6 for cabin

Please note you should allow extra space for any area you choose to take the truck as ground heights are not always level.


Please Note: Rego, delivery and stamp duty not included in prices above or on video

12 Months Rego In Your Name And Stamp Duty – NSW (Personal)
$3,950.85 Stamp Duty + Safety Inspection + Weight Bridge Ticket + Registration Fee + CTP Insurance
12 Months Rego In Your Name And Stamp Duty – NSW (Business)
$3,950.85 Stamp Duty + Safety Inspection + Weight Bridge Ticket + Registration Fee + CTP Insurance
12 Months Rego In Your Name And Stamp Duty – QLD (Business Or Personal)
$3,950.85 Stamp Duty + Safety Inspection + Weight Bridge Ticket + Business Name Rego + CTP Insurance

Other states we provide ready for rego.

Easy delivery Australia wide – call for pricing.

Register above or below for an information package and detailed video tour of the Dog Wash Trailer King dog wash trucks and trailers

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